They were a family of four

There was laughter and fun and stories around the dinner table

There was a two-story house and a big backyard and friends at school and a top spot on the track team


There’s quiet and closed doors and stillness

There’s Rain’s mom finding a new job in New York, and moving the family from small town Vermont to a big city.

Nothing feels quite right.

The one thing Rain can hold onto is running. Soon she’s running in a pair, and then in a trio, and then with a whole team. And maybe things won’t ever be the same, but maybe things will get back to a different kind of normal. And Rain’s okay with that.

This strikingly tender, ultimately hopeful novel about one family’s heartbreak and the compassion that carries them through is perfect for fans of Sara Pennypacker, Lisa Graff, and Ann M. Martin and cements Lindsey Stoddard’s place as a breakthrough talent.