I grew up loving books. I read everywhere— at home, in the car, on a perfect branch in my favorite climbing tree, and even on the tops of mountains! 

My parents always joke that I was such a well-behaved kid, except in the library or a bookstore when it was time to go home. I would run and hide in the shelves and refuse to get in the car. All those books were magic to me. Just rows and rows and shelves and shelves, and I wanted to read them all.

From a young age I knew that I wanted to be a teacher and a writer and I practiced both of those things constantly. I set up all my stuffed animals and troll dolls and read out loud to them every morning, and I was always thinking of characters that I could write into my own stories, filling up journals with my imaginings. 

I was born and raised in Vermont, where I spent lots of time outside, hiking and skiing and playing in the woods with my big brother. Vermont felt like magic too, like a giant playground.

After college I moved to New York City, where I taught middle school English for ten amazing years. I think elementary and middle schoolers have such incredible energy and brains, and it’s so fun to read, talk, and create with them—way more fun than reading aloud to my stuffed animals and trolls. I now live back in Vermont!

I have a family who loves to read too. My husband, Kamahnie, and I actually got married in a bookstore! My children, Miles and Paige, love read alouds and funny voices and browsing the shelves of their own little library.